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About Diamond Collection & Co.

Diamond Collection & Co. is an internationally specialist and online seller of natural diamonds and natural diamond jewelry. The family jewelry crafting business began in Europe before the WW2 and the holocaust and continued in Israel in 1980 as natural diamond cutting and polishing company, today diamond Collection & Co. is a designer and manufacturers of fine natural diamonds & gemstones and is a supplier to renowned jewelers, throughout the US.

Diamond Collection & Co. has highest quality selection of natural diamonds and diamond jewelry with both Round brilliant and all fancy shapes in various colors, qualities and sizes set for any budget, with a focus on engagement rings and jewelry for her and for him, we also carry a unisex line. Our stones are mined in Australia, Canada and Russia and all come from legitimate, conflict- free sources complying with UN Regulations and Kimberly process.

In 2009 Diamond Collection & Co. added jewelry manufacturing (all of our jewelry are proudly made in the USA). we design, manufacture, and market jewelry made only with natural diamonds and gemstones. Our natural diamond engagement rings are our best sellers, although we craft a wide range of fine jewelry artistically and expertly crafted out of precious metals & diamonds or rare gemstones to perfection.

All of our diamonds and jewelry come certified with a GIA, IGI, HRD, AGS, ARGYLE, GUBELIN ,RAPNET or with a complimentary diamond/gemstone certificate and appraisal done by a professional GIA Alumni diamond grading expert.

Our company participates in several trade-shows throughout the year and attends a number of industry related diamond shows and conferences so we can provide our dear valued costumers with the latest most up to date designs and concepts..

Our brand promotes certain rare diamonds as an investment opportunities, and contracts investment professionals who offer content, education, and advice.


Diamond Collection & Co.'s offices are located in the USA ,

Our physical address is Diamond Collection & Co:

501 South Broadway Street, Suite #109

Los Angeles, CA ,90013.